During the sacrament of marriage, the priest will bless the couple for a long and happy life together. The groom receives such blessing with the icon of "Jesus Christ", and the bride receives the blessing with the icon of "Holy Mother of God". Those two icons are specifically referred to as - wedding icons (matrimonial icons).

Matrimonial IconsWhen purchasing wedding icons, pay attention to their content. It is necessary that one icon should have the image of Jesus Christ (adult image), and the other icon should have a picture of the Holy Mother of God. In many religious stores, marriage icons are often prearranged in pairs . The size and price of the icons is not important. The prospective couple should choose what they think is appropriate. It is very important that both icons are not connected, as they should be held separately by the couple.

The priest should bless the set of icons with holy water at least a week before the actually ceremony. If you buy icons from a church store, it is possible that they are already blessed.

A long time ago wedding icons were traditionally passed from parents to their children. Performing a wedding ceremony with the parents' icons could offer a powerful blessing, considering that the parent's marriage was healthy and successful. During times of USSR communistic rule, people were not allowed to visit holy places and churches. People were also forbidden to possess holy icons and religious artifacts. Many church's and religious items were purposely destroyed by the communist government. As a result, very few parents of modern couples were able to experience holy matrimony in church.