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Have questions concerning international marriage? Particularly with a citizen of Ukraine? You are in the right place! We will help you better understand the legal and cultural challenges in which you will most likely encounter. We want to help others interested in such commitment increase their chances of success. We have the ability to clarify many of the rumors and misinformation often found with such situation - as we have experienced this ourselves!

The path towards international/intercultural marriage may seem overwhelming for some, due to the many challenges that a couple are likely to face. There are likely to be obstacles that will involve your family and friends. You may also discover some indifferences in personal values and personal expectations with your loved one. And of course, you will be challenged with lengthy bureaucratic legal proceedings.

As you and your soulmate embark on a journey towards eternal promise, your love and devotion are likely to be tested. Most people understand that marriage demands commitment, dedication, and hard work - an international marriage will simply require more patience.

Some potential challenges may include:

In order to succeed these challenges, intercultural couples need to:

The process of discovering the cultural history and traditions of your foreign spouse will lead to a better understanding of each other. Take the time to be patient in discovering each other's ethnic roots and traditions. Many couples agree that the first few years of this type of marriage can be the most challenging.

Once you are acquainted with these potential cultural indifferences and the required legal proceedings, you are able to clear a path for a wonderful journey towards loving discovery.

Remember - the key to a successful intercultural marriage is to develop patience and understanding.

We wish you pleasant reading - James & Oksana