Veil DanceEvery wedding party in Ukraine traditionally concludes with the Veil Dance. This is an old tradition. Nowadays, the European tradition of tossing the bride's bouquet and groom's garter to single girls and boys is included.

The veil dance begins with installing a chair in the middle of the dance floor. The bride sits on the chair, and her mother-in-law approaches her and begins to remove the veil from the bride's head. Veil DanceAfter the veil has been removed, the mother-in-law takes the white headkerchief and places it on the bride's head. An ancient tradition includes the bride shaking her head and making an effort to prevent her mother-in-law from completing her task of placing the headkerchief upon the bride's head. For when this mission is complete, it means that the bride should say goodbye to her bachelor's life and dedicate herself as a good wife and loving mother.

After a few attempts of resisting the new headgear, the bride finally allows her mother-in-law to put the headkerchief on her head. Now the beautiful bride obtained the status of respectful woman and good housewife. She stands up from the chair and kisses her new mother. Then they make a few passes of dance together, surrounded by a circle of dancing single girls. After a brief dance with the new mother, the bride kisses her and dances with the other girls. The bride will then put the veil on each girl's head when dancing. Such moments are very emotional for many girls, as they have a chance to experience the bride's role themselves.

Veil Dance

After all girls are participated in dance, the bride takes the veil, folds it a few times and tosses it toward the crowd of girls. This action represents the same as tossing the bouquet – whoever catches it, is going to get married next. There is a traditional Ukrainian song "Horila Sosna", which plays during the veil dance. The name of it translated from Ukrainian means, "The pine is on fire".