No wedding reception in Ukraine would be complete without the intense atmosphere of buzzed, and happy guests which at times, exhibit strange behavior. Oddly enough, guests will wait for the ideal oppurtunity to introduce a rather unique tradition - Steal A Bride's Shoe.

Steal Bride's ShoeHow does it go? The clever guest(s) go under the table of bride and groom and attempt to steal one of the bride's shoes from her tired feet. Happy is the bride if she doesnt have blisters after a long day of dancing and having fun; but if she does - the clumsy shoe thief can bring the poor woman much pain!

So, what's the point of stealing that shoe? The answer is - to have fun , again and again.

If the shoe is stolen, it definitely needs to be returned to the owner. But how? Usually this is the responsibility of the groom's best friend. They are mostly required to take care of the situation. Guests who have successfully stolen the bride's shoe are given the right to create some difficult tests or challenges for the best friends. If they will complete those chalenges succesfully - the bride will get her shoe back.

The challenges demanded by the shoe thief often vary:

Steal Bride's Shoeto drink a shoe full of vodka. (as you understand - to drink from a shoe which was on someones foot the whole day is not so pleasant... that is why guests just fix a glass of alcohol inside the shoe and give it to the groom's friends to drink "from a shoe" )

  1. to dance a funny strip dance with bridesmaids.
  2. to kiss a bridesmaid as many times according to bride's shoe size.
  3. to perform "a horse ride" - best friends of groom are "horses", bridesmaids are "riders". Riders jump on the back of "horses" and run a few times back and forth through the room. During this "riders" are slapping the "horses" to run faster and shouting "faster, faster".

The main purpose of such games is to make everyone laugh and provide entertainment.