UPDATE: May 28, 2017

As of May 2017, marriage registration for foreign citizens within 24 hours program is supported, but can't be performed on the same day because of the background check required to approve the application. Read more about the process of the expedited marriage for foreigners.

UPDATE: November 2, 2016

Foreign citizens now have access to 24 hour marriage registration service in Ukraine. Foreign nationals as well as Ukrainian citizens are now able to register legal marriage in Ukraine in an expedited manner at a much higher cost.

Premium Members can learn more about the specific fees, requirements and participating office locations for the 24 hr Marriage registration service in our Knowledge Base section. This information is verified and proven accurate for the time being, so if you have yet to sign up for membership, now is the perfect time.

UPDATE: August 17, 2016

ATTENTION: The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has launched a pilot project "Marriage in 24 hours". As of August 14th 2016, this service is available for Ukrainian citizens and is limited to 4 specific offices in 4 Ukrainian cities: Odessa, Severodonetsk, Mariupol and Kiev.  On August 19th 2016 this program will be launched in Lviv and in September - in Kherson. There is a plan to make 24 hour marriage service available in all Ukrainian cities next year. Ukrainian citizens are encouraged to contact their regional RAGS offices to confirm if the service is available.

As of Wednesday August 17th 2016 there is no support for marriage registration for foreign citizens within this program. We will post additional updates when available.

Реєстрація Шлюбу в УкраїніState registration of marriage is established with a purpose of ensuring stable relations between man and woman. Registration of marriage also provides protection of rights and interests of married couples and their children, as well as protects the interests of the State and society. State registration of marriage is certified by the Marriage Certificate. The specimen of Ukrainian Marriage Certificate is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 

Documents required to register marriage as of WINTER 2018

For official registration of marriage in Ukraine, the citizens of Ukraine are required to submit the following documents at the Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status (known by the acronym "RAGS"). Here the prospective couple may register their marriage.

  • valid Ukrainian passport.
  • a legalized original divorce decree if any (this document must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married. It may be represented by a Divorce Decree, Certificate of Death of one of the spouses, or a copy of the Court Judgment annulling the marriage). Such document can be obtained from a district court.
  • NOTE: Ukrainian citizens are not required to present a Letter of Non-Impediment to Marriage.

Application for Marriage Registration

The local Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status (known by the acronym "RAGS") can process an application for marriage.

A man and woman file the application for marriage registration with any public civil status act registration authority(RAGS) of their choice.

Whenever a man and (or) a woman are unable, for valid reasons, to personally file the application for marriage registration with RAGS, such an application certified by a notary, may be submitted by their legal representatives.

Powers of such legal representatives should be certified by a notary. If a marriage is not registered on the assigned day, the application for marriage registration remains valid within three months from the date of its filing.

Time frames

After filling out the application for marriage registration you will have one month until your marriage can be legally registered. Considering the high percentage of divorce and human trafficking in Ukraine, Ukrainian law gives couples one month (30 days) before registering their marriage. This is arranged so that documents can be verified and so that couples have adequate time to confirm if they really want to take that important step in their lives.

The time period of waiting before the marriage can be registered, can be shortened only under emergency circumstances (f.e. the woman has an official document from a doctor which states that she is pregnant).


The set of documents for foreign citizens, who want to register their marriage in Ukraine is pretty much the same, with the exception that all documents must be translated to Ukrainian language and those translations must be notarized.

The list of documents for foreign citizens:

  • passport valid for at least 1 year - translated into the Ukrainian language, and then notarized (preferably by a state agency).
  • original or certified copy of divorce decree (if apllicable) properly authenticated in the country of residence. This document must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married. It may be represented by a Divorce Decree, Certificate of Death of one of the spouses, or a certified copy of the Court Judgment annulling the marriage. The representing document must be properly authenticated / legalized for use in Ukraine. Legalization of the document will involve an Apostille or Consular Legalization, depending on a country of origin.
  • a legalized document on individual current marital status - Letter of Non-Impediment to Marriage. Such document can be provided by the Embassy Consulate of your native country in Ukraine. (IMPORTANT UPDATE)
  • All documents require state approved translations and must be notarized.

The validity of the documents mentioned (except passport) is six months; effective date is the date of issuance by the appropriate authority.

Note. According to law, most foreign embassies cannot certify any documents issued in their native lands.

Note You may be required to provide a proof of legal stay in Ukraine (e.g. immigration visa, temporary residency permit, etc.)

Note. In most cases the set of documents is standard for citizens of different countries, but it is always better to go to RAGS where your marriage will be registered and confirm the list of documents with certain establishment in certain city.

Filling out the application for marriage registration at RAGS

For foreign citizens who fill out the application for marriage registration, it may be required to have an official licensed interpreter. Even if your Ukrainian half speaks your language fluently, RAGS workers will think that she(he) may provide biased, inaccurate translations to the application's questions in order to benefit themselves. This random requirement also benefits local economy as Ukrainian officials won't hesitate to get you to invest in local business services. So be prepared to meet such requirements. Even though some officials say that it is not mandatory to have an interpreter, it is better to be prepared for such surprises.

Time frames for registering marriage involving foreign citizens are the same as for ukrainian citizens, but keep in mind, that the term of validity of documents issued in non-Ukrainian state establisments is only six months.