After the process of buying the bride, the groom and his associates proceed to enter the bride's home. They approach the room where the bride is sitting strong like a queen. There they find the beautiful bride awaiting her future husband.

In some regions of Ukraine there is a tradition, where the groom should bring the bride her wedding shoes, often filled with treats or candies.

As the groom enters , he should have these shoes with him and then place them on the bride's cute feet. It is common for the groom to throw the candies behind his back to all guests. This is supposed to symbolize a sweet future for the wedding couple.

When the brides shoes are fitted, and the lucky guests are eating those sweet candies, the groom kisses his bride and helps her stand up from the chair with the special pillow on it. Here come the bridesmaids! – each trying to fall on the pillow first.

The loving couple is eager and ready to move on, but they must wait patiently. Parents and godparents of the bride and groom will bless them with wedding bread (korovai) and icons.

Don't be surprised when you see when 5 or so couples of godparents approach and bless the wedding couple. Yes - They all are their godparents! In Ukraine it is popular to baptize a baby and have 2-10 couples of godparents for one child.

Now back to the blessing... The bride and groom stand in the room together and ask for the blessing from both parents. The parents will hold the icons while the prospective couple and parents make three bows while standing and facing each other. The same procedure is repeated with all couples of godparents. The last couple of godparents pass the icons to the bride and groom. The bride and groom then kiss the icons and hold them in their hands.

The wedding couple then proceeds to make their way towards the church or RAGS (according to plan).