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Online Dating in Ukraine - Part I of III

Online Dating in Ukraine - Part I of III

April 8, 2016

How to Meet Women in Ukraine

Each year, thousands of foreign men spend millions of euros while trying to find a Ukrainian bride. Popularity is on the rise, despite some mainstream efforts to expose the fraudulent nature of the mail order bride industry. Today, the civil war and economic crisis brings even more Ukrainian women into the fold, as living conditions in Ukraine continue to get worse.

Our own observations indicate that the online dating industry in Ukraine continues to pull in huge profits. Foreigners will continue to invest much of their time and money into searching for a Ukrainian woman online. But, is this a fool's quest? Do online dating services really work? The very corrupt nature of the industry makes for finding fact or truth difficult at best. We can say, however, that finding true happiness from online dating services is a gamble. Yet, can we clearly define the odds?

Where do foreigners look for Ukrainian women online?

There are more online dating sites/services popping up each day. While generally, I like to think of market competition as a good thing, the online market for online dating is clearly oversaturated. One current trend involves new entrepreneurs first establishing their own dating site with active user base, then selling out to a larger competitor. Competition brings consoldiation. So how do you measure the reputation of an online dating site? according to site traffic volume? their marketing efforts? maybe according to the quality of the photoshopped glamour shots?( hope not!) While it is true that most online dating sites support and encourage the participation of women with genuine interests, these honest ladies are greatly outnumbered by the heartless professional scammers whose livelihood is based on mastering their art of deception.

There are other popular methods that foreigners use to connect with Ukrainian women online. There are travel agencies that specialize in matchmaking. Most Ukrainian travel agencies orchestrate romance tours for foreigners but they'll also provide standard travel services as well.

We have considerable experience in dealing with Ukrainian travel services and we also have a few friends in the business. We can say that most have the ability to provide quaility transport services. I remember years ago when James and I first met in person, we arranged for auto transport to a ski resort in the Carpathian mountains. The travel agent even got us a nice room in the resort during a very busy time of year. As for the romance tours, neither James nor I have attended such an event although it is worth mentioning that we have received a considerable amount of feedback form our userbase regarding their own personal experiences with romance tours in Ukraine. The results were quite mixed. 

Realize that in Ukraine, anyone with a running vehicle can quickly become a tour operator, so if you're in need of travel services make sure you find a business with established reputation.

Online Chat with Ukrainian Singles

Social media groups from Vkontakte or Facebook are growing in popularity. Social media groups provide a low cost means for small businesses to easily connect foreigners with Ukrainian women. Internet chat services such as Skype, ICQ or Yahoo chat are still very popular and often provide an alternative means of chatting online.

Believe it or not, adult entertainment sites are another place where foreign men tend to connect with Ukrainian women. The very nature of content from adult entertainment sites should send the signal that this is the wrong place to look for love.


1,200 verified users were asked about their online dating experiences and where they met their Ukrainian girlfriend /fiancee / spouse.*


Dating sites /networks 42%

Social Media group sites VK / Facebook Groups 26%

Skype, ICQ, Yahoo chat 14%

Adult entertainment site 11%

Online forum 3%

Other 4%

*These results indicate current popularity, not effectiveness.


Here we see that the online dating sites/networks are the preferred place for foreigners seeking Ukrainian women. Feedback from our own users suggests that finding true love on an online dating site is expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Is it possible? Yes. But the odds are against you.

Foreigners need to realize that most of the revenue generated by online dating sites comes from your continued use of the service. If a man would find true love on their first attempt, then there would be much less profit involved - think about it.

Not all dating sites are crooked though, as there are many online businesses with honorable intentions, but the scammers are quick to take over and dating site owners have yet to find an effective means to filter out the rotten apples.

You can read more about the crafty nature of these online dating scammers in Part II of Online Dating in Ukraine.


09 Apr 2016
Romance tours are mostly traps for linely foreigners. Go party and meet people to have fun but you need trust in locals to keep safe.

I agree with the go party and meet people comment - its more natural. some cultures accept the idea of romance tours more than others, still the stereotype developed for a reason

05 May 2016
It is very rare, almost never even possible to meet great women of high moral character at 'parties' and clubs. I've also worked in the high end restaurant business in Seattle, WA for most of a decade, about half of it was as a bartender and related. To be honest, I could count on one hand the quality ones I met. i never have had the time or interest towards the addicted types of women I usually met while working. I actually feel sorry for those men and women who still think this is how to meet the person of your absolute dreams this way, for the odds are horrible...

Grizz, thank you for sharing valuable perspective. I can just add that in Ukraine it works the same way for the most part. There is a better chance of meeting a quality person during your night out in less developed areas of the country (outside of major cities)... less corruption /competition there today, although times are changing fast. cheers

08 May 2016
Wow...Oksana it seems that I wish it were otherwise there in the Ukraine. I seem to have this image that they are healthier there than the USA. Also it is true that in the more rural areas the traditional close family values are the strongest as well.
18 Jun 2016

I want to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. I've got you book marked to look at new stuff you post… [link deleted]


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16 Aug 2016

the church becomes weak and this is result


Amen брат!

29 Aug 2016
and now commerce of lies!
10 Sep 2017
Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry. For years, International Marriage Services had to live with the stigma of being referred to as Mail Order Bride services. However, many consider the term "mail-order bride" derogatory and feel it demeans foreign women by comparing them to commodities for sale and falsely implying that (unlike local women), they exercise no judgment over the men they meet and would marry anyone from a relatively wealthy country. Even with the foreign women being labeled as mail order brides these companies have grown in popularity for the past two decades, largely due to the internet. The industry grew at such a fast pace it caught the attention of the US senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State, who in 2006 she pushed a bill through congress known as IMBRA or International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act. Although the intent of Senator Cantwell was clearly meant to put Foreign Bride Companies out of business by severely restricting how men communicate with foreign women. In the end, the companies flourished under the new regulations as these business quickly modified their business models. Kenneth Agee, marketing Director for A Foreign Affair one of the largest so called Mail Order Bride Companies says, "We have always had to overcome this label. Since Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States, the industry saw a significant increase in upscale business men looking for foreign brides. Once he became president, Trump made it the new status symbol of success to be married to an eastern European women. With First Lady Melanie Trump in the White House, opinions about foreign women have dramatically changed. Once men were scorned upon to be married to a women from Russian or the Ukraine, now is seen as prestigious. And we are seeing huge increase of men seeking foreign brides, our client base is up by more than 200% since Trump has taken office. This month alone we will be taking over 100 American men to the Ukraine, mostly very successful executives." Beside online matchmaking, the company arranges group tours for men that will travel to countries throughout the world. During these tours the men will meet hundreds of pre-screened women during what A Foreign Affair calls "Social Events" or what Kenneth calls speed dating on steroids. Critics say these women are just used as arm trophies for business men in America. That men take advantage of the women's circumstances, both economical and geographical. Kenneth argues, "I would hardly say Melanie Trump has been taken advantage of or refer her to as a Mail Order Bride. Women choose just like the men choose, we are all adults and are responsible for our own choices. It is just that men in America have a good reputation for the way we treat women and how we take care of our families. This opens the door to the men to meet some of the most beautiful women in the world." Trump is not the only high profile person to marry a foreign women, Jeb Bush met his wife in Mexico. Rupert Murdoch former CEO of Fox News married Wendi Deng from China, and the list goes on. If Trump accomplishes nothing else during his presidency he has clearly helped one Industry.


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