How to prevent the hangoverHere we offer some advice to people who drink not to get drunk, but to get slighly buzzed and have fun.

Learning how to drink smart and being able to quickly remove the alcohol from the body is not very difficult. The main reason of a bad hangover is when brain cells and blood vessles alter their shape as a response to the presence of alcohol in the blood. An unpleasant reaction occurs, when the supply of alcohol suddenly stops, and some time is needed for them to adapt to the non-alcohol environment again. From here we conclude, that we should find a way to drink, so that the least amount of alcohol reaches the brain.

In order to achieve this goal, one should drink slowly. There is a certain speed in which our bodies are able to process the alcohol. It is 7-9 ml (2 tsp.) per hour.

Interesting fact: more than 90% of alcohol is utilized in our bodies by oxidation, and only 5-7% is flushed with urine, sweat and breathing.

It is wise to eat well when you drink alcohol. Food will slightly slow the absorbtion of alcohol by the stomach. The type of food really doesn't matter, but it is a well known fact that fatty foods and vegetables work well. Spicy foods tend to not work as well.

You should know what to drink:

  • - as a rule, the worst hangover that has a terrible headache can occur after drinking cognac, whiskey, or brandy (drinks which are obtained by long term distillation). Sparkling wine and champagnes often can present a powerful hangover.
  • - red wine is unique - as it may often trigger in some individuals, a severe headache due to the high content of tyramine, and histamine-like substances formed during the processing of grapes.
  • - the best choice which will least likely give a hangover is pure vodka (not homemade), gin (definitely with tonic in proportion 1:1,5), and high quality white wines.
  • - the harmful impact upon the body can be decreased by taking in lots of fluids like water or juice.

Prevent the hangoverThe following information is for those who didn't follow our recommendations and feel "not so good" the next morning.

Good results in curing yourself can be achieved by drinking a glass or two of fruit juice(orange, apple, grapefruit). Fruit sugar (fructose) helps the body to burn alcohol faster. Also you can try to eat a few teaspoons of natural honey.

A cup of chicken soup or a cup of very sweet coffee can alleviate hangover symptoms as well. Soup will help to adjust your digestion and coffee will stimulate blood vessels. Strong, black, sweet tea with lemon is also good in such situations.

If you aren't sick when you look at food, please eat something! Although it is best to make sure that your food choice is not fatty and fried. It is best to eat light foods such as vegetables and fruits.

For the record - the main recipe for a hangover is - try to prevent one in a first place.

For those, who have been able to benefit from our advice - BUD'MO!!!