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Everything you wanted to know about marriage in Ukraine for foreigners.

Ukraine Marriage Laws

Understanding Ukraine marriage laws can be difficult and confusing, especially when you are the one getting married! Finding the appropriate legal proceedings that are up-to-date is often a challenge. The government bureaucracy is hardly helpful and the inconsistencies found amongst regional RAGS (the Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status) offices often become a nightmare.

Our own experience at RAGS was stressful, in part because many of the department officials were not fully up-to-date on the latest changes in legislation. We also found ourselves having to comply with some requirements that were not stated by current law. This resulted in more time and money spent that we thought necessary.

We do our best to share accurate accounts of our own experiences registering our marriage in Ukraine as well as the hundreds of couples we have worked with over the years.

In this section you will find many questions and answers regarding Ukraine Marriage Laws:

  • how to register your marriage in Ukraine?
  • what is the list of documents required to register marriage in Ukraine?
  • how long does it take to register your marriage in Ukraine?
  • what are the requirements for marriage with foreigner in Ukraine?
  • what are the requirements for marriage between two foreigners in Ukraine?
  • what is a Letter of non-Impediment to Marriage (Certificate of non-Impediment) and where do I get it?
  • how long will my Letter of non-Impediment to Marriage remain valid?
  • guide to legalization of Letter of non-Impediment to Marriage


Non-Traditional / LGBT Marriage in Ukraine

Today in Ukraine, legal marriage registration can only be processed between applicants paired as woman and man. For generations, Ukrainian society has not accepted or supported equal rights for the LGBT community, although it is important to understand that since the regime change of 2013, there has been a growing movement to further integrate the LGBT community into Ukraine society.

Below is a link to the official website of the president of Ukraine listing the rights, freedoms and duties of citizens in Ukraine.

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