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Everything you wanted to know about marriage in Ukraine for foreigners.

Ukraine Wedding Traditions

The Ukrainian Wedding is one of the most symbolic celebrations of Ukraine culture. Traditions and customs for Ukrainian weddings are numerous and have evolved through the ages. National traditions are dominant in Ukrainian wedding ceremonies. Some of them are very old and difficult to explain.

Over time things change, people and their preferences change, lifestyles and of course - one of the most important events in life "marriage" will change as well.

The most important wedding customs and rituals that were honored by our ancestors are still in use. Some customs, such as "matchmaking" and "buying out the bride" are heavily modified in order to adjust to modern couples' abilities. Other wedding rituals, such as the "betrothal"are performed strictly because of the religious connection to the wedding ceremony.

Understanding Ukrainian wedding events can be difficult, especially if you don't speak the language. Foreign guests at Ukrainian weddings will have endless questions about certain things that are taking place.

Here you will find some priceless information on most of the traditions that you will likely experience during a wedding in Ukraine.

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