Wedding songs and traditional Ukrainian wedding music symbolize and embody moral and ethnic ideals and standards of Ukrainian people, and their views on creation of new family. They also celebrate the importance of relationships couples share along with the whole entire history of the Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainian Dance Music

Wedding folklore conveys the mood and atmosphere of the rituals and all participants with the help of artistic and stylistic means.

There are a few unique categories of wedding songs: praising songs (which praise bride and groom and their families), ritual songs (for rituals like "take off the veil", "veil dance", "matchmaking", "baking korovai", "knead the korovai"), lyric songs (table songs), short wedding couplets (jokes).

Many Ukrainian wedding songs are writting in a joking manner, describing relationships between man and woman, and mother and son-in-law, etc.

Wedding song - jokes usually are short and sang by the couple of guests at the wedding table, when other people least expect it. The content of such songs may be something like this:

"We won't drink horilka*,

it is very bitter,

let the bride and groom

make it little sweeter.

Bitter, bitter,

make it sweeter".

(after such words, the young couple is expected to stand and kiss)

*horilka - ukrainian vodka, also has name Samohonka if it is homemade.